Coop and Condo Building Management

We believe that effective coop and condo building management starts with excellent communication between the Board and the managing agent. As managing agents, we effectively oversee the day-to-day operations of each building by understanding and following the directives of the Board.

Administrative Services

We provide the following comprehensive financial management and reporting services:
  • Collection of maintenance fees and common charges
  • Record of income and expenses
  • Preparation of annual budget
  • Payment of employment taxes and workers compensation
  • Establishment of maintenance contracts
  • Payment of all building expenses
  • Maintain records of insurance
  • Other services as required

On-Site Services

  • Trash management and common area cleaning
  • Common area inspection
  • Vendor access coordination
  • Project management
  • Staff supervision
  • Other duties as required

Board Reporting

  • Meeting Agenda
  • Manager’s Report
  • Minutes
  • Jobs Report
  • Correspondence Report
  • Bid Analysis